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The Greater Dayton School is Ohio’s first private non-religious elementary school exclusively dedicated to under-resourced students. But it is much more.

The concept, in and of itself, is new. But the school’s philosophy, methods and ultimately its results won’t be merely evolutionary. They will be revolutionary – a national model conceived and realized in the heart of Dayton. A model that shows what underserved kids are capable of accomplishing – not just as students, but throughout their lives – when they have access to all the resources they need to succeed.

Interior View - Media Center

From October 2021-May 2022, The Greater Dayton School is offering a 100% free tutoring program for kids ages 4-8 in the greater Dayton area. We’re providing each child in the program with an individualized learning plan that will boost their performance in reading and or math. Plus, kids who meet the attendance targets of the program will get a touch-screen laptop computer! There are only 40 slots available, so apply today!  The deadline to apply is October 1st.

We need the country’s best and most dedicated educators. Nothing short will do. That’s why we’re actively recruiting inspiring teachers who are invested in the long-term success of the students they teach and are whole-heartedly devoted to the ultimate goal of pulling families out of generational poverty. The work won’t be easy. But it is of the utmost importance. And it will be worth it.

In return, Greater Dayton School teachers will receive one of the most competitive and unique compensation packages of any elementary school in the country.

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Situated at the confluence of the Great Miami River and the Mad River, our revolutionary state-of-the-art campus will be an iconic addition to the Dayton skyline while also offering a harmonious academic environment that provides all the necessary resources for a holistic educational experience.