‘Relentlessly and unapologetically student-focused’

Larry Connor - Founder

I’ve been fortunate in life to succeed and fail in a multitude of endeavors. I’ve learned as much if not more from the latter.

Anyone who has ever accomplished great things has experienced failure.

The thing about failing is that it’s good for much more than just practical lessons. It’s an exercise in open-mindedness, courage and resolve. It’s freedom – to take calculated risks, to swing from your heels, to be insanely ambitious.

When we started this project, we decided we were going to approach education in a truly revolutionary manner, set impossible goals and abandon all preconceived notions.

It’s a space in which we’ve become fairly comfortable over the years.

That’s not to say this has been an easy process. It hasn’t been. We’ve been surprised by the number of roadblocks put up by others. We shouldn’t have been. Our experience in an array of fields has taught us that if you encounter naysayers – people who can’t see your vision or elevate to the bar you’re setting –  you’re probably on the right track.

That’s OK; The Greater Dayton School isn’t for them. It’s for the under-resourced children in our community. And for them, we will remain relentlessly and unapologetically student-focused.

This is supposed to be hard. Anything of importance typically is. And we can’t think of a more important endeavor than this.

Larry Connor


About Larry

Larry Connor is a real estate and technology entrepreneur from Dayton, Ohio.

He has grown The Connor Group from $0 to $4 billion in assets since 1992. Along the way, the company has been recognized as a top workplace regionally and nationally. The organization’s non-profit arm, The Connor Group Kids & Community Partners, also has won local and national awards for its philanthropic endeavors.