The Greater Dayton School admits students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Students in households that are at or below 130% of federal poverty level or are Medicaid eligible.
  2. Students from under-resourced communities in Montgomery County.
  3. Students from families that embrace our educational philosophy (see below) and commitment to racial diversity.

Our educational philosophy

We believe in a curriculum that prepares students for life-outcomes that truly matter.  By age 27, our alumni will…

  1. Have their own definition of success and a plan to achieve it.
  2. Be physically healthy, eating well, getting adequate sleep, and having a fitness routine.
  3. Be mentally healthy, knowing how to build and sustain relationships and self-regulate emotions.
  4. Live lives of character and integrity.
  5. Master financial literacy so they are financially independent.
  6. Be in a career, not job hopping.

We have backwards mapped these goals – which we call the Age 27 goals – all the way from age 27 to age 4, broken down into individual skills.  Throughout the year, our students create portfolios that demonstrate mastery of each Age 27 learning skill.  This is our assessment system.  We don’t do “A, B, C, D, and F” report cards.  After one Age 27 learning skill is mastered, students move onto the next.

Our curriculum is designed to help all of our students achieve the Age 27 goals and includes the following:

  • 1:10 teacher to student ratio
  • academic curriculum designed uniquely for each individual student
  • an on-site wellness center with pediatric, vision, dental, and mental health services
  • extended school day
  • extended school year
  • an in-house chef that prepares nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 60 minutes per day of fitness activities and active playtime
  • Enrichment classes – Technology, Music, and Project Based Learning